"I loved how it made me think outside the box and expanded my mind set! I also enjoyed being a part of the songwriters critique! The entire songwriters workshop experience was top notch...I would definitely attend again!"   - Sarah, CA


"Rob Carona's songwriting workshop brought the writer out in me. It made writing easy and simple. He showed me how to say something with out using so many words and without using the same words we always use.. Brilliant!!! If I can do it anyone can!"  - Derina, CA


"The open discussion time, insight and presentation of the information was solid. We were given the tools to improve our writing skills and methods. I was very happy with the whole workshop!"  - John, CA


"I liked the workshop/presentation time, and the live feedback was super useful. The environment was generally pretty open and unintimidating." - Lynn, CA


"Rob does an amazing job of presenting material and offering encouragement. I also participated in the original song critique and received some useful feedback to make my song better suited for the audience it's aimed for." - Sierra, CA


"The Songsmith Creative workshop helped me break out of my box and find new ways to write worship lyrics that are more fresh and profound."  - Danny, CA