The Song Doctor is a personalized service for aspiring songwriters that provides professional critiques and reviews of single songs, EP's, and full albums. It is vitally important that your songs have all the necessary ingredients to be an undeniable hit, but it can be difficult to tell without some trusted outside perspective. Before you invest your hard earned dollars in studio time and production costs, let our staff lend their years of songwriting expertise to make sure your songs are hitting the mark. A lot of artists skip this important step, releasing their material and not knowing the reasons why it does not get the response the expected. The small investment up front is worth its weight in gold when you have the assurance that your song or project has what it takes to make an impact with your audience.



After reviewing your lyrics and/or audio recording, you will receive a detailed report that scores the material in the multiple areas of song craft. We will also provide helpful comments and action items that will guide you to make the necessary modifications to improve effectiveness of your song. 

Structure: Does the song make effective use of placement of song sections? 

Lyrical Content:  Does the song have engaging, original, and accurate vocabulary? 

Arrangement: Does the song contain a journey and destination that keeps the listener involved? 

Musical Accompaniment: Do the chords, melodies, and instrumentation compliment each other and the other song aspects? 

Dynamics: Does the song contain moments of varied emotion with the music and rhythm?


Single Song: $25

EP (3-5 Songs): $50

Album (6-10 Songs) $99

coaching Sessions

Take your career to the next level with our Skype coaching sessions, where you will benefit from our experience in songwriting, artist development, and band management. This type of quality personal training isn't available just anywhere, especially for such a low cost. It is our goal to come along side you in your goals and aspirations, offering personalized coaching to get you on the road to success. 


$79 Per Session (30-45 minutes)

3 Session Package: $189