Songsmith Creative exists to provide professional training and resources on the topics of songwriting, artist development, recording, and more. It is our mission to empower artists in their creative pursuits and release them into their full potential to have impactful and lasting music careers. 


Becoming a successful songwriter is a life-long journey that requires more than just passion and creativity. Here at Songsmith Creative we offer resources that set up you up for writing success at any level and in any market.

  • Live Workshops/Webinars
  • Blogs
  • Song Critiques
  • Training Books/CD's


Before you spend your valuable time and money on your next demo or pro recording project, its always a great thing to know if your songs are hitting the mark. Our trainers will take a look at your songs and give you an in-depth, professional critique as well as effective ways to improve your creations and grow in your songwriting ability.


In his debut book, Rob Carona shares his expertise with all aspiring songwriters hoping to share their songs with the world. From healthy creative mindsets to practical writing techniques, this book covers the habits that all successful songwriters make a part of both their creative process and their life.